Thursday, October 11, 2012

Criteria to Find the Perfect Chemistry Analyzer

Chemistry analyzers play an indispensable role in medical laboratories. These innovative devices have exceptional technical capabilities to measure various chemicals present in the biological samples. They provide optimum results within a minimum time span. As there are a number of branded products in the market, you need to consider certain important criteria to find the perfect chemistry analyzer for your purpose.
Often, physicians need to figure out the properties of blood and other fluid samples to diagnose various human ailments. Biochemistry analyzers, hematology analyzers, and other devices are required to carry out the assays. Let us now pinpoint some standard applications of this chemistry lab equipment.
• The device is used to verify the level of components such as enzymes and proteins in the body.
• To determine hematology values like prothrombin, hemoglobin etc.
• To perform routine tests for identifying chemistry analytes such as uric acid, bilirubin, albumin, creatinine, iron, and glucose.
• Conduct tests to diagnose HIV, cancer, thyroid problem, diabetes, and many more
How Is the Chemistry Analyzer Used?
In order to perform a medical test using a chemistry analyzer, the blood or fluid sample is loaded into the racks. In certain models, you can transfer the specimen to the cups provided. The pipette then aspirates a portion of it and discharges it to the analyzer's reaction vessel. The chemical concentrations of the sample are then calculated and accurate results are displayed on the screen. You can also take printouts of these results or transfer them to a computer for further reference. While doing the test, the operators should be cautious about the risk of exposure to pathogens. It is always better to wear gloves, gowns, and face masks.
Chemical analyzers are equipped with a wide range of features that ensure the flawless performance of the device. Most of the models are free standing and so require only minimum space. Around 40-60 reagents can be placed at a time. They have many efficient features such as wide testing potentiality, bar coding facility, positive sample ID, and refrigerated storage capability. Other benefits you can expect include fully automatic high precision output, easy calibration, and minimal maintenance.
Some Tips to Find Clinical Chemistry Analyzers
Before investing in chemistry analyzers, you need to understand the different models available in the market. The main qualities that you need to consider while purchasing are precision and reliability. Here are a few tips that will help you choose an ideal product.
• Select only branded products from reliable chemistry laboratory suppliers.

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